Het is net Jurassic Park, maar dan met watervlooien. Piet Spaak brengt ze tot leven.

dinsdag 21 juni

New name for faculty

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences wants a different name that more strongly emphasises technology.

Council against discrimination

The factions of the University Council have issued a statement against homophobia and discrimination.

No Games for Kupers - yet

Runner Thijmen Kupers won the national outdoor title for the 800 metres, but he did not yet place for the Games in Rio.

vrijdag 17 juni

'Pointless top 100'

The RUG is among the top 100 most innovative European universities, but the university is unimpressed.

No new campus for BSS

The social sciences faculty will not move to the Healthy Ageing Campus after all. Current facilities will be revamped instead.

donderdag 16 juni

Campaign against complaints

The RUG is setting up a task force, a communications group and a complaints commission to improve international housing.

High fees here to stay

For five years, law students fought against higher fees for a second degree, but they have finally lost the battle.

maandag 13 juni

Two grand in tuition fees

Brace yourselves: starting in 2017, students will have to pay more than 2,000 euros in tuition fees.

'Make students pay more'

According to the ministry of finance, there is money to be made off of students – by raising tuition fees, for example.

vrijdag 10 juni

Two Spinoza prizes

Two RUG researchers – philosopher Lodi Nauta and technical physicist Bart van Wees – have won a Spinoza prize this year.


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'I'm a bit lazy'

Bart van Wees continues to break new ground by developing nanodevices, and that has won him a Spinoza Prize.

maandag 13 juni

Assassins at UCG

At University College Groningen, no one is safe in a deadly serious game of Assassins.


'Knowledge equals happiness'

As far as Spinoza Prize winner and philosopher Lodi Nauta is concerned, science is mainly about curiosity. ‘It enriches life.’

donderdag 9 juni

Praying in the library?

The RUG does not have enough prayer rooms, foreign students say. Some students even avoid the UB altogether.


Festival science

You can hardly visit a festival nowadays without bumping into a scientist. What are the professors doing there, anyway?

woensdag 8 juni

More than beer and brats

There are thousands of German students studying at the RUG, and now they have their own club. How at home do they feel in Groningen?

dinsdag 7 juni

'More than white men'

We all think the world consists only of white men, says Ingrid Molema. She is going to show bursaries that there is more.

vrijdag 3 juni

Dutch debut

RUG student Just Dronkers made his debut last weekend on the national volleyball team. His studies have been put on the backburner.

donderdag 2 juni

Shooting for the blind

At the ACLO, you can learn how to shoot, even if you are blind. Tjeerd Wiersma tried it out.

NS card for internationals?

International students cannot travel for free on Dutch public transport. Is a special travel card for them in the works?