SSH floats housing options

The Diaconessenhouse, where nearly 200 internationals live, is closing. SSH is considering housing them in a hotel boat.

donderdag 9 juni

Students studying faster

Universities have become stricter, and that has had an effect: students are achieving their bachelor’s degrees more quickly.

More power for students

Even though students are hardly interested in having their say, they are being given more of it.

woensdag 8 juni

More sexual harassment

The number of sexual harassment reports at the RUG has risen significantly: from three in 2014 to thirteen in 2015.

'Silent' Night

The Night of Art & Science was a success, even though there were 12,000 fewer visitors than at previous editions.

dinsdag 7 juni

'Teach PhDs how to teach'

Minister Jet Bussemaker calls for universities to properly prepare their PhD candidates to teach.

vrijdag 3 juni

'NAM money? No worries'

The Hanze is angry at NAM for having to wait so long for their promised millions, but the RUG? Not so much.

Quicker to find work

Although graduates get little in the way of careers services, VSNU says they are finding work increasingly quickly.

Loans system stays

Student organisations want Bussemaker to dismiss the loans system, but the minister has no such plans.

woensdag 1 juni

Taking on slumlords

The municipality of Groningen is launching a complaints desk for students to file reports against abusive landlords.


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An opinion? Scandalous!

Professors were shocked in 1825 when the first student newspaper was published. A student with an opinion? That was something new.


Spot the differences

Applied sciences university students can earn a master’s degree, so what is the difference between hbo and wo universities?


Sustainability in fashion

Groningen hosts dozens of ‘slow fashion’ initiatives, but how manageable is it for students on a budget to shop conscientiously?

donderdag 26 mei

Cooking for non-members

The Navigators celebrated their birthday last Tuesday by cooking and washing up for non-members at their homes.

Sad for seal pups

RUG professor Groothuis fears for his seal pup research in the Dollard area now that a new seal rescue has opened.

Students don't vote

The voter turnout for the student elections was yet again pitiful, and it seems there is nothing that can change that.



It is like Jurassic Park, but then with daphnids. Piet Spaak is bringing them back to life.

woensdag 25 mei

'I want to reach the top'

‘Oes’ studies and teaches at the RUG and participated in Giel’s Talent Contest as a singer. ‘I don’t even like talent shows.’

vrijdag 20 mei

Housing up for debate

On Thursday, Frascati student house hosted a housing panel for international students, the RUG, Hanze, SSH and the municipality.


The mystery of lightning

Nobody knows how lightning is formed, but RUG researchers found a way to take measurements inside a thundercloud.

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