RUG backs Turkish scholars

The RUG has stated its support for Turkish scholars in the Netherlands following an apparent government crackdown on academia in Turkey.


Academic discrimination

Professorship at the RUG is much whiter and male-dominated than Dutch society at large. Can – and should – the university do better?

maandag 23 november

SSH cleaning up

Diaconessenhouse residents got an email from SSH on Friday explaining what action is being taken to fix the problems there.

donderdag 19 november

Diaconessenhouse asbestos

On Monday, loose asbestos was removed from a utility closet in the Diaconessenhouse.

woensdag 18 november

Diaconessenhouse problems

After multiple thefts and worsening living conditions, students at Diaconessenhouse are taking matters into their own hands.



Je kunt geen festival meer bezoeken zonder over de wetenschappers te struikelen. Wat doen al die profs daar eigenlijk?

dinsdag 6 oktober

One giant leap (backward)

A poster for a ‘CEOs and Office Hos’ party from the JSV has been haunting Nina. Sexism is still alive and kicking.

maandag 5 oktober

Theft at Vrydemalaan

Three break-ins occurred at the Vrydemalaan housing complex last week, according to neighbourhood police agent Paul Heidanus.

vrijdag 18 september

Mystery in the galaxy

An astronomer at the RUG Kapteyn Institute found a mysterious structure within our galaxy. A spaceship?


Zoek de verschillen

Ook hbo’ers verdienen tegenwoordig een mastertitel. Wat zijn nog de verschillen tussen hbo en universiteit?

woensdag 2 september

News of the Week: 36

What’s happened so far this academic year? RUG seeks millions for Yantai, Legionnaire’s disease in the dentistry school and more.

dinsdag 25 augustus

Frascati not finished

As students are moving in, the rechristened Frascati International Student House is still not completely done.

donderdag 20 augustus

11th faculty report done

A decision about pursuing an eleventh faculty of the RUG in Leeuwarden may be made within weeks.


En meer...

Germans biggest EC fans

For the international students in town, the EC is just one big party – especially for the fanatic German supporters.

woensdag 22 juni

Distracting cats

How do you avoid watching cat videos when you should be writing your master’s thesis? Ioanna Katidioti has tips.

To Mongolia in a Fiat

RUG students Luca Germani and Abel Spithorst will be driving from Great Britain to Mongolia in a tiny Fiat Panda this summer.

Suffering for a good cause

A cream made with red chili peppers causes a burning sensation, and Marten Harbers used it to simulate neuralgia.

Dutch team at GCHC

Hosting a hockey match between the Dutch national team and New Zealand is not easy, but GCHC is sure they will manage.

donderdag 16 juni

Hipster cafeteria

Groningen has a cafeteria once again. One night a week, you can go there for a cheap meal. The UK checked it out.

woensdag 15 juni

Brexit in Groningen

As the Brexit debate heats up ahead of next week’s vote, British people in Groningen wonder how it will affect them here.

dinsdag 14 juni

Knock out at GNSK

The Great Dutch Student Championships start Friday, but several boxing matches were fought this weekend.

maandag 13 juni

Assassins at UCG

At University College Groningen, no one is safe in a deadly serious game of Assassins.

donderdag 9 juni

Praying in the library?

The RUG does not have enough prayer rooms, foreign students say. Some students even avoid the UB altogether.