Groningen is typical a city that most Dutch people from other regions visit by train. It is easy and fast. In two hours you travel from Amsterdam to Groningen!

A normal two-way ticket will cost you 47,60 euro. And that is a lot of money that could be spent a lot better, once you are in Amsterdam, if you know what I mean.

But pay attention now: The NS, the Dutch Railways, often have offers for day tickets (Dagkaarten) that they sell via other companies.

With a day ticket you can travel anywhere you want without limitations. Instead of 49.20 Euros, it only costs 17 Euros. You can order it online and visit Amsterdam, Rotterdam, even our most south city of Maastricht.

For instance this month (until April 28) the day tickets are on offer via Blokker stores. These are a big chain of stores, that have shops in every town, they mostly sell stuff to clean your house with, and pots and pans etcetera, so normally the chances of you winding up there by accident are small. But check out their website for these day tickets.

You can travel with them from April 15 until June 23, from Monday until Friday starting after the rush hour, so after 9 in the morning. Oh and one caveat: it cannot be used on Queensday, April 30.

But all in all it gives you the opportunity of visiting other parts of our great country without going broke right away.

– 19 april 2013 –