Jos wants you!

Jos Buitenhuis (25, business administration) is a student member of the board of the UK. But as he approaches the end of his studies, he is searching for a successor to take over his duties.

20160309 - josJos: ‘It’s nice to be able to take part in the board and it’s important that students are also represented, because the UK covers the entire academic community and, to a great extent, students in particular. Board experience isn’t a prerequisite, but you do need to be able to share your perspective as a student.’

Is it a time-consuming position?

‘No. You only meet about six times a year, and in between those meetings, you just have to keep track of developments.’

Who would be your ideal candidate?

‘It has to be someone who knows what is happening in this student city, who knows what matters to students and is able to convey that. What he or she is studying doesn’t really matter. What matters is that he or she is available for roughly the next two years. It’s also helpful to have an interest in the UK and its role within the university.’

Can students contact you directly?

‘Yes, they can submit their CV and a motivation letter before 1 April 2016 to, attn: Jos Buitenhuis.’