The best way to… stress relief

Only 6 weeks into your study programme and already stressed out? Then it’s time for some stress relief!

Time management: This might sound a little nerdy, but planning ahead actually helps you to keep track of all the things that need to be done. Are you any sign other than the well-organised Virgo? Then maybe the Student Service Centre (SSC) at the Uurwerkersgang 10 can help you. They offer courses about effective studying as well as a meditation group.

To-do list: It feels great to cross things off a list, doesn’t it? But sometimes, it just feels like your list is so long that you don’t even know where to start. To make it easier, include things on your list which are easy to accomplish, like drinking a coffee. It’s not “real” work, but crossing it off your list feels good and it keeps you motivated because hey! Look at you, you already did something!

Music/Sex/Sport…: Find that one thing that lets you forget all the assignments that need to be done (at least for a little while). For some people, it might be rocking out in your room with some loud music. Others think sex is a good stress relief tactic, which can also get a little loud. But be sure to play it safe – otherwise, you’ll find yourself in an even more stressful situation. Or, if sex and music fail you, maybe just going for a run can be enough to clear your head. In any case, you’ll be ready for a fresh start afterward.

Cuddle with pets: Studies actually find that interaction with a friendly animal can help to decrease your stress levels. Some universities already make use of these findings and send therapy dogs into university libraries during exam periods. So the next time you see a sociable cat, just cuddle her for a few minutes – you can mutually benefit!

Make reading easier: If you weren’t lucky enough to take any introductory courses on academic research, this might be handy. Reading academic articles will be much easier if you first read the introduction and the conclusion. That way, you already have an overview of what is to come, and you can focus on aspects that you may not have understood. Topic sentences are also a good way to get the gist of a text. But don’t forget to actually read all the stuff in the middle.