Verena’s roller-coaster ride is over

Verena finally reached an agreement with her landlord. An end to relief and suspicion, and money in the bank.

It’s over. If you see a girl beaming with joy in the next couple of weeks, then that’s probably me. We’ve finally reached a deal with our landlord and expect to get all the money back that we’ve overpaid for the last three years.

So, what should I do with that money? Should I go on a wild shopping spree with my twin sister or be a little more mature and save it for when I finish my studies? I’m not sure yet, but in any case I’m genuinely happy that the saga is over.

Stop the process

Last Thursday we signed a mutual agreement with the landlord that we would stop the legal process if he first pays all the money back we are owed and then fixes the leaking bathroom roof. He agreed. A couple hours after we had signed the agreement and handed in our declaration to stop the legal process at Denise’s office, the first instalment of the money we were due was in our bank account.

This ended my emotional roller-coaster ride of relief and suspicion. While I really wanted to reach an agreement that all parties could live with, I still had my doubts about the promises the landlord had made. Anyway, I signed the agreement and the first transaction makes me confident the rest will follow. No risk, no fun – isn’t that the student motto?

The landlord has already dropped by to remove the mold in the bathroom. It now stinks abominably and if you stay in there too long, you get high on the smell, but, hey, the mold has finally gone and that shows the landlord took our concerns seriously.

Worth the trouble

Looking back, I feel that this experience was worth the trouble of my nervous roller-coaster ride. I might do things differently next time (talk to the landlord first, for example), but I think I would do it again. Not only is it nice to get some money back, but it also feels good to stand up for your rights.

Although I’m still not a very patient person, the entire process made me realize that sometimes reaching an agreement is worth more than fighting grimly until the end. We might have gained more compensation if we had waited for the verdict of the huurcommissie, but I’m not sure if it would have been worth it. I don’t like fighting with people and the wrangle was constantly at the back of my mind, so I guess in my case reaching a deal was the right decision.

Would I recommend it to you, though? I think it’s always worth exploring your options, but in the end you are the one who has to deal with everything connected with such a process, so it’s up to you! Are you tired of being conned by your landlord? Then go for it. Are you not sure how to handle the situation? Ask your family and friends. Discussing it with them definitely helps.