The very first Indonesian Day!

This event is already creating a buzz. On 27 April the Indonesian Students’ Association will proudly present its very first Indonesian Day. The theme? Nusantara – heritage of mankind.

Nusan-what? Nusantara means archipelago in Indonesian, and if you’ve ever wondered about the diverse Indonesian cultures this is an event you don’t want to miss. Stop watching Eat.Pray.Love and discover authentic Indonesian food, dances, and much more.

You think you may know Indonesian cuisine, but the chances are you don’t. As Dominik Flikweert, a 25-year-old IRIO Master’s student from the Netherlands, points out: ‘A lot of Indonesian cuisine here has been diluted to accommodate Dutch tastes.’

For €10 you’ll be taught how to make four authentic Indonesian dishes. That seems like a great deal for skills that will last you a lifetime! In addition, for a similar investment you can learn the Selendang dance, how to make Canting Batik patterns or how to play Angklung Dominik muses: ‘It looks like fun, except for the prices.’

Then there’s the bazaar, with no entrance fee and plenty to see and buy, and there’s a dinner, too! Not just any dinner, but an adventure exploring the different delicacies from Indonesia’s array of islands and inhabitants. Not everyone gets to go on this ride, though. With limited seats available, there’s a rush for tickets. Costing only €18, it’s a date you surely want to put in your diary now.

Over 150 have already joined the event on Facebook, so what are you waiting for?

indonesian poster