German students and underground art

UKtv: ArtBattle No. 7, Groningen Underground Art Scene from Universiteitskrant Groningen on Vimeo.

What do German students, live action painting and word of mouth have in common? The Artbattle!

Bennet Keuerleber hasn’t been hanging out on his couch lately. With a helping hand from Johanna Seelbach, who is studying Arts, Culture and Media, the physiotherapy student is currently organizing the 7th edition of the Artbattle.

Good party

The Artbattle, an event Bennet has organized and financed himself, six times since September last year, has been a success story. The concept is simple, two artists compete against each other during a live action painting session.

The rest of the evening is filled with music and other live performances, from techno to modern dance. All to enlighten those that enjoy a great party, some fine art and good company.

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