An EU career thanks to Margot Recter

The University of Groningen has its first official EU career ambassador: Margot Recter. She’ll bring an EU career closer to students this year.

It all started with a simple Nestor announcement that EPSO, the European Personnel Selection Office of the EU, was looking for new student ambassadors to represent EPSO in their home countries. ‘I just applied. I was always doing university stuff like the board of the study association EPU of American Studies, or committees, but I wanted to do something for a larger organization.’ Margot says. ‘And I really like promoting things.’

margot recter

‘EU is not that far away’

That’s what she will do this year. As an EU career ambassador, she’ll bring EU career opportunities closer to her fellow students. ‘People are interested, but just don’t know how it works. They feel the EU is too far away from them. But I would like to explain that it’s actually not that far.’

Margot plans to hold a big seminar where she will introduce traineeships and explain how students actually get into the recruitment cycle at the EU. She also aims to speak at career events organized by study associations.

Career Challenge

And then there’s the EU Career Challenge 2014. Together with career advisors from the Faculty of the Arts and the Faculty of Economics and Business, Margot is busy promoting the challenge in which students pitch their ideas about the digital economy.

It’s a lot of extra work next to her master in East Asian Studies, but she is sure she can handle it. ‘This is an opportunity for students like me to get involved in international relations and these kinds of things. Of course I don’t get paid, but as long as I can fit it in, I am happy.’

Open doors

More importantly, Margot gets something that can be even more valuable than a pay check: a network. ‘I got a lot of doors opened for me, I got a lot of opportunities to talk to people, to get my feet in the door, and I get a lovely recommendation letter once I am done.’ She gets to know people, and they get to know her.

Want to get in touch with Margot or know more about career perspectives at the EU? Check this website for more information.