An international guide to Groningen

Maurits van der Boon thinks hardly anyone outside the Netherlands knows about Groningen, so he has created a series of 10 online videos that provide prospective international students with advice for their stay.

‘They’re to help you feel the atmosphere of the city’, says Maurits, who’s a media student from Hanze University. The series, called ‘The International Student Guide to Groningen’, is his graduation project. He hopes it will help ‘bring the city to life’, as well as give international students some advice for their time here.

‘There’s a lot of information out there’, claims Maurits. ‘The problem is that it’s all in books and mainly academic stuff. I wanted to show that Groningen isn’t just a good place to study but also a great place to live.’

There are tips on everything – from finding a place to live in the city, to the best places to go and make the most of your time in Groningen. ‘We didn’t go into any of the drug culture, because that’s not restricted to Groningen’, says Maurits. ‘I wanted these videos to express the uniqueness of Groningen.’

Maurits van der Boon shooting video

Maurits van der Boon shooting video

The nightlife is different to what you might find elsewhere. ‘Most bars here have no closing time or entrance fees, and they have some great drinks deals. The nightlife here is aimed at the students, so international students can have a great night out.’

Then there’s the city’s culture. There are some great museums, art-house cinemas, music venues and theatres to interest students and keep them happy.

The premiere will be held on Thursday at ForumImages. After that, the videos will be broadcast online on the Groningen universities’ websites, the Housing Office website, YouTube, Facebook and the GroningenLife website! Starting on Friday at 9 a.m., a new video will be available for people to check out worldwide every hour until 6 p.m.

‘This project has let me show Groningen through the eyes of someone not after money’, says Maurits. ‘It was made for students by students.’