Het is net Jurassic Park, maar dan met watervlooien. Piet Spaak brengt ze tot leven.

dinsdag 18 augustus

RUG ranking rises

The University of Groningen rose seven spots in the 2015 Shanghai Ranking, from 82nd place to 75th.

donderdag 25 juni

China: RUG 'not mandatory'

A pending governmental decree would mean Chinese students from UGY don’t have to come to Groningen to get a RUG degree.

woensdag 24 juni

Student faction dissatisfied

Student members of the FEB and FMNS faculty councils are dissatisfied with the scarcity of detail in the Yantai plans.

dinsdag 23 juni

Research on 11th faculty

CDA representative Sander de Rouwe has asked Gerrit de Jong to analyse the eleventh faculty plans.

maandag 22 juni

Having a say on Yantai

The university and faculty councils may not have the opportunity to vote on pursuing an international branch campus in Yantai.

woensdag 17 juni

Secret meeting with China

RUG president Sibrand Poppema secretly met with representatives of the Chinese and Dutch ministries of education on Tuesday.

News of the week 25

What’s happened in week 25? Wijmenga wins Spinoza, bursary project approved, board expenses and more.

dinsdag 16 juni

Go/no-go decision

A ‘go/no-go’ decision for the Yantai branch campus plans is scheduled for 19 October, according to a time line.

vrijdag 12 juni

UCF updates

Dean Jouke de Vries updated the Leeuwarden municipal council about the plans for the RUG’s eleventh faculty.

donderdag 11 juni

Complaints about instructor

English students have complained about the behaviour of one of their instructors.


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'A cat inside a bag'?

The University Council will vote on the plans for bursary PhD students this week, but concerns remain.


RUG under construction

A sneak peek at up-and-coming RUG buildings under construction, from the Energy Academy to The Student Hotel.

dinsdag 23 februari

Life Changing Moments #4

When Sarah* found out that she had tumors on her brain, she literally changed everything about her life.

dinsdag 16 februari

Pop the student bubble

Experience Groningen is back for its second edition. The two-day festival aims to help international students get to know the city.


Sustainability, anyone?

The RUG is proud of its green reputation, but professor Kristin McGee argues that more can and must be done to ‘walk the walk’ of sustainability.

donderdag 7 januari

International grant

There’s a grant specifically for international student groups, but few organisations have taken advantage of it so far.

New Year's resolutions

What do resolutions mean to RUG students? What are their own resolutions for 2016, aside from finishing their master’s theses?

woensdag 16 december

International Christmas

The city and the university are inviting refugees to join the festivities this holiday season.

Life Changing Moments #3

A sailing trip proved to Graham Clark that you have to go where the wind takes you – or where it doesn’t take you.


Venezuela's financial woes

Venezuelan students in the Netherlands are feeling the effects of the financial problems back home.

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