New Culture Committee for internationals

Along with Usva, ESN is creating a Culture Committee. It’s a chance for international students to have a say in the arts scene in Groningen.

Cultural Student Centre Usva will be collaborating with ESN to form a new Culture Committee. The committee’s goal is to figure out what internationals want to see in Groningen’s arts scene and to give them the opportunity to organize those activities.

Currently, ESN coordinates social, professional and educational activities for its participants through its ten committees. According to Linn Helen Gundersen, Usva’s cultural student organizer, what exactly the content of the new committee will be and how many members it will have is still being worked out between Usva and ESN. ESN is accepting applications for the committee until 18 January via email.

Cultural Student Centre Usva is a platform for the arts and is located in a performance venue on the Munnekholm. They offer courses, performances and exhibitions for a student audience. Eventually, Usva will be moving from its current location on the Munnekholm to the Ciboga terrain, which is an up-and-coming hub for university-connected groups.