Discussing, not deciding

Students and employees are allowed to contribute to the discussion about appointing new council members. But their nomination cannot be binding, says Bussemaker.

The minister’s reasoning is that it would make the job of internal supervisors impossible. However, Bussemaker does believe that at least one student and one employee from the university council should be on the selection board. But the supervisory board is not obligated to follow the selection board’s advice.

More power

The minister made these statements in response to the plans put forward by SP, D66 and PvdA to give students and employees more power within the university. SP wants administrators to be elected from now on. PvdA and D66 want the selection committee to have a say in the appointment. Bussemaker thinks both plans are unrealistic.

This includes MP Jasper van Dijk’s plan to give students and employees the power to fire failing administrators in case of mismanagement ‘Here, too, I would like to point out the importance of people staying on task and having clear responsibilities. I don’t think changing that fundamental division of responsibilities is a good idea at all’, the minister writes.

‘It can go any which way’

The minister is working on a bill to reinforce co-determination at universities. SP, D66, and PvdA think her plans are not taking it far enough. But CDA, VVD, PVV and the ChristenUnie do not think students should be co-administrators. The CU is in favour of a larger say in things, though.

‘It can still go any which way’, said SP MP Jasper van Dijk in Huis de Beurs last Thursday evening. ‘The Christenunie is playing an especially important part now. Suddenly, everybody wants to have coffee with the party’s new  MP.’

The Lower House will debate the bill further next Wednesday.