Employees fail to sign in after hours

Seventy percent of the employees in the Faculty of Math and Natural Sciences don’t report when they work on site outside of normal office hours. As a result, their safety could be jeopardised in case of emergency.

That is the conclusion of the annual faculty plan for Health, Safety and Environment, as well as a random check conducted two weeks ago. According to a ruling about work hours, employees who work after 8 p.m. or in the weekend have to notify FWN Presence that they are in the building – and to make sure that they would not be overlooked in case of an emergency.

Small extra step

Board member Dick Veldhuis says that adherence to the rule is very poor. ‘We are trying to make our employees aware of the importance of signing in when they are at work. We can’t do that for them, so they have to make that small extra step themselves. They could be taking their lives into their own hands by neglecting to do so.’

Better supervision

During a council meeting in November, it was revealed that the faculty council thinks that the board should take action and accept responsibility. The rules should be more widely publicized, signing in via FWN Presence should be made easier and the faculty should better maintain and supervise adherence to the rule.

But the problem isn’t FWN Presence, according to Andrys Weitenberg, manager of Health, Safety and Environment. ‘It’s just a page on the Intranet where you fill in your employee number and your password. We’ve made it very easy: previously, you had to fill in your personal details in a book at reception.’

Your own responsibility

More maintenance and supervision would also cost tons of money, Veldhuis says. ‘And that’s at the expense of money for education and research. I want to appeal to each person to take responsibility for themselves. Signing in should just become a habit.’

The board will focus more on making employees aware of the rule in the near future, as well as conducting more random checks.