ESN struggle with 1200 new arrivals

A record number of around 1200 new international students from the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Science have signed up for the ESN Introduction Week.

Myrinne Rietveld (22), who is responsible for ESN’s external relations, was delighted. ‘Last year about 850 people signed up, so this year’s figure is a big plus. It’s great to have them all here.’

When ESN were preparing for the Introduction Week, they thought there would be an increase in numbers. However, they were stunned when they received an e-mail from the University of Groningen stating that many more international students would be coming to the University than expected.


ESN immediately adapted their programme accordingly. ‘We only needed to rearrange a few things, nothing too major’, Myrinne explained. ESN recruited extra guides through Facebook, even during the week. ‘Eventually, though, it all worked out without any problems.’

Also, groups had to be split up and extra activities offered. ‘The Cultural Centre for Students, Usva, only has room for a few hundred students’, she added.