Groninger Forum experiments with English subs

The Groninger Forum wants to show films with English subtitles more often. Today – Tuesday – they are starting with the German movie Die Andere Heimat.

‘We often get requests from the international community’, says Joyce Hondong of the Groninger Forum. ‘Of course they can watch English movies, but we also show movies in Spanish, or German, or French. And they are subtitled in Dutch.’

Cinema Lumière in Maastricht has already gained some experience with English subtitles for regular movies. Groningen wants to follow their example. ‘Of course we have used English subtitles before; however, that was for special occasions, with movies that played only once’, says Hondong. ‘Now we want to do it more regularly.’

Die andere Heimat will show on 28 January and on 5 February with English subtitles. Which movie will be next isn’t clear yet. ‘The rights to the subtitles are sold separately from the movie’, explains Gerben ter Haar of the Groninger Forum. ‘That can be costly, so we are dependent on the goodwill of the distributor.’

He is hopeful, however. ‘The more cinemas request double subtitles, the easier it will be to come to an arrangement’, says Ter Haar.

Also this week Groninger Forum takes part in the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), that will offer a wide range of English subtitled movies. Take your pick!