International Branch Campus for RUG

The RUG is planning to create branches abroad. That was discussed in the University Council on 11 February as part of the RUG’s strategic plan 2015-2020.

RUG spokesperson Gernant Deekens says there are no concrete details available about the plans so far: ‘But I expect to be able to say more later this week. The board of directors is currently discussing how to proceed.’

An International Branch Campus is typically some sort of facility that is located in a country other than where the university itself is, and students can earn a degree from the university at a second location. Three common types of branches are Leading, Governing and Managing.


The timing of the plan seems connected to the projected decrease in Dutch students who will be entering universities in 2020. In this way, the RUG will enrol international students in their home country. International Branch Students are classified as students of the central university to which the branch is connected and will eventually be awarded a diploma from that institution.

Several Dutch universities and applied science schools already have international branch campuses. Eindhoven University of Technology is part of the Sino-Dutch Biomedical and Information Engineering School of Northeastern University. The Maastricht School of Management has the Kuwait Maastricht Business School. Stenden University of Applied Science has four international branches located in Bali, Qatar, South Africa and Thailand. On the other hand, Webster University in the United States has a branch in the Netherlands.

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