More dinners for internationals

ESN wants to facilitate more international dinners - for many nationalities, eating is a social event.

Whereas Dutch people tend to eat rather quickly, having dinner is an important social affair in many countries. To facilitate this custom, the Erasmus Student Network Groningen board has initiated an international dinner committee.

Korean meal

For years now, ESN Groningen has been organizing a dinner for international students every three weeks. ‘Students can propose to prepare a three course dinner for the other students on a Sunday’, explains secretary Inge Neuteboom. ‘If students want to join in on the meal, they can buy a ticket. Yesterday, for example, we had a Korean meal.’

Buying groceries

The committee exists of four members that look for international students that would like to prepare such a dinner. ‘And they help buying groceries and so on, but there is also still a lot of room for input by the committee members themselves. Stimulating this culture of having dinner together is one of our focal points this year, so that’s why we set this up.’