More study spaces in law library

The RUG will provide extra study spaces - and more fresh air - in the former law library.

A large air conditioning unit will be added to the building to ensure better ventilation in the room, and as a result, the number of study spaces can be increased from 101 to 307 in the near future.

With the expansion, the university wants to reduce the burden on the overcrowded University Library (UB). The library is frequently overcrowded despite university of applied sciences students being turned away during the exam weeks. The 200 extra spaces in the former law library should be a solution to the queues at the UB.

Contact point

The former arts library had previously been renovated in order to create more study spaces. However, it is also extremely busy at that library during the exam weeks. Last month, the student party Letteren Vooruit started up another contact point due to the lack of study spaces.