News of the Week 22

What's happened in week 22? Bachelor enrolment up, recording lectures limited, ACLO branching out and more.

Bachelor enrolment up

thumb-collegeGroningen has the second highest number of incoming bachelor students among Dutch universities. As of May, 8,033 students were signed – 174 more than last year – but 4,732 students have signed up for a master’s programme in Groningen, 50 fewer than last year.

The arts faculty grew the most, by 349, and University College Groningen went from 50 to 141. Law (+104) and mathematics and natural sciences (+280) scored well, but the Faculty of Economics and Business (-570) and Behavioural and Social Sciences (-209) are down. However, a numerus fixus system is used in some FEB and FBSS programmes.

Recording lectures limited

thumb-videoPer request from the university council, the university’s legal counsel investigated the legality of students recording lectures and uploading them online. Their conclusion was that students need their instructors’ permission to film a lecture and publish it, since the educational materials could violate copyright if published online.

If the instructor and other students are visible, that could also constitute a violation of image rights. Even if students want to record the lecture for their own use, they need permission from their instructor, including disabled students.

ACLO branching out

THUMB-kpn borgStarting 1 September, a second ACLO branch will open at the KPN building beside the Groningen Centraal train station. Popular group classes such as Yoga and Body Fit will be provided at the new 800 square meter facility, as well as exercise machines.
Members may have to pay an additional fee to use the branch due to anticipated demand: 17 to 22 per cent of students feel the Zernike gym is too far away, and the KPN space is likely to be popular due to its central location. The branch will eventually relocate to the campus near UMCG.

Wim T. Schippers collaborates with RUG museum

thumb-wim-tThe RUG University Museum will contribute to the second Pop-Up Museum of the television show, De Wereld Draait Door. The Pop-Up Museum will be located in the Allard Pierson Museum of the University of Amsterdam. Nine of the most frequent guests from DWDD will design the exhibition, and guest conservator Wim T. Schippers plans to fill the hall with works kept in storage from eleven Dutch museums.

Preparations for the project will begin this autumn. The Pop-Up Museum will open its doors on 16 January. It is not yet known if the exhibition will also come to Groningen.

Millions for RUG businesses

thumb-science-wetenschapThe province of Groningen invests millions of euros into businesses that stem from the RUG. In total, 7.5 million euros are available through the so-called Carduso Capital Fund for small and middle-sized technology companies, and companies that stem from the university, according to RTV Noord. The RUG is a co-founder of Carduso Capital.

The province aims to give innovative companies the chance to develop ideas and prototypes which can eventually be brought to the market in order to allow a company to grow. The European Investment Fund is also prepared to contribute 16 million euros.