The News of the Week: 8 – 14 January

What's happened in week 3? Students hospitalized after bad trip, University PCs sluggish, UB guarding the doors and more.

‘Bad trip’ lands students in hospital

thumb-drugsThree students were hospitalized on New Year’s Day after taking 2-CB, an ecstasy-like drug, while drunk. The students took it in their house on the Slachthuisstraat and had ‘a bad trip’, according to police spokesperson Ger Blokzijl.

One male student attempted to jump out the window, but the glass was too thick. He was so uncontrollable that paramedics and the fire department could not subdue him – a mobile medical team finally did. One female student was so sexually aroused that she got naked and started masturbating. In the recent UK drugs survey, 12 students out of 700 reported trying 2-CB.

University PCs sluggish

thumb-ubwerkplekSince the update to Windows 7 in September, computers across the RUG are operating extremely slowly. Students report waiting 15 minutes on UB computers to log in, and printing is especially problematic. Switch user is faster than log off, since each new computer has to access a user’s settings when logging in and out.

Although few students have submitted official complaints, ICT department head Willemieke Baan says that students have to so that the department to accurately address the issue. If you’re having problems with slow computers, submit a complaint to the ICT service desk.

UB guarding the doors

thumb-UB-UniversiteitsbibliotheekThe University Library (UB) will limit access for Hanze students during exam weeks by checking I.D. cards at the door. During the two exam weeks (19 January through 1 February), the library will only be accessible for RUG students and employees.

‘That is only during the first three hours of the day or so’, UB communications employee Frank den Hollander clarifies. ‘Afterwards, everyone who comes into the library will have to show their card at the front desk.’

Performance agreements money returning

thumb-geldEducation minister Jet Bussemaker is satisfied with the RUG’s progress with the so-called performance agreements. Seven percent of the basic budget of Dutch higher education institutions – 325 million euros – depends on fulfilling those agreements, and two percent of that is already returning to the universities.

The Higher Education and Research Review Commission was also positive about the RUG’s themes of Healthy Ageing, Sustainable Society and Energy. However, the staff faction of the University council criticized the commission for getting too involved with things beyond the scope of the performance agreements.

Student agents get new uniform

thumb-politie-sterkearmderwetGroningen student police agents – Matthijs Beukema and Edwin Valkema – are sporting a new uniform. The old-fashioned trousers and oversized shirt have been replaced with a more athletic look. ‘This looks much better and also permits us to move more easily’, says Beukema.

The previous uniform was designed for people who sit behind a desk, but for the new design, the needs of the street agents were taken into consideration. The agents now wear a polo shirt with a softshell or all-weather jacket with waterproof zippers. A bright yellow stripe on the outer layers makes the uniforms easily recognizable.