No RUG students injured in Brussels attacks

There were no RUG students injured during the attacks in Brussels.

Two RUG students are currently doing internships in Brussels, one of whom is UK freelancer Maaike Vos. ‘We have been in contact with both of them, and they are safe’, says spokesperson Gernant Deekens.

There are no RUG students studying in Brussels via an Erasmus grant. ‘Several students were there during the first semester, but none at the moment’, Deekens says.

More than 30 people were killed and several dozen were wounded in attacks on the Zanventem airport and the Maalbeek metro station in Brussels. Three days of national mourning have been declared.


On Sunday, 13 Erasmus students died in a bus accident in Spain. Roughly 60 students who were returning from a party in Valencia were on the bus en route to Barcelona. Three Dutch students were on the bus, all of whom survived the crash. Three RUG students were present in Barcelona. ‘One of them did not go on the trip, and two others were in another bus and were not directly involved in the accident’, Deekens says.