Pop music as the scourge of civilisation

He’s controversial, to say the least. However, the British philosopher Roger Scruton has no doubt – classical music is superior to pop music. To him, pop music represents the decline of Western civilization.

Tonight Scruton will give the annual GRIPH Faculty of Philosophy lecture in the Aula of the Academy Building. His lecture, entitled ‘Judging Music’, will be about comparing different styles of music and whether it’s possible to judge one to be better than another.


And Scruton does judge. He even thinks it is vital for Western civilization itself. Mozart and Wagner teach us ‘what to feel’. Pop music, however, is not supposed to be listened to, but only to be danced to, or to serve as background noise.

Of course, many people disagree. That’s why philosopher and former professor of pop music René Boomkens will introduce Scruton and lead the discussion. Representatives from the Groningen music scene will also take part in the debate.

3 April. Aula, Academy Building, 8 p.m. Admission free.

Can’t go tonight? No problem! Tomorrow an interview with Roger Scruton will be published on our website.