Record number internationals

Almost 90,000 international students are now studying in the Netherlands. That is a record.

Around 10 per cent of the total number of students in the Netherlands is of foreign origin, with 23,000 coming from countries outside of the EU. The large amount of English-taught programmes makes the Netherlands attractive for foreign students, says  Freddy Welma, chairperson of EP-Nuffic in De Telegraaf.

What’s more, foreign students find it convenient that may Dutch people speak English. They are content with the open economy and the educational level of the universities.

‘They are good for the economy’

According to Welma, foreign students bring about many benefits for the Netherlands. ‘They are good for the economy, especially if they stay in the Netherlands after their studies, and they make good ambassadors for our country when they have finished studying.’

The number of foreign students at the RUG has also risen this year to 4,225. A little more than 15 per cent of the students at the university come from abroad. The most international students are from Germany (1,785), China (251) and Great Britain (223).