Recruiting ‘new’ PhD students can begin

The ministry of Education has approved the RUG’s bursary experiment. The university will imminently begin recruiting the first group of PhD student.

In total, 850 students will be able to get their PhD at the RUG. Lou de Leij, dean of the Groningen Graduate Schools and the developer of the bursary plan, is glad that the RUG will be allowed to fill the positions. ‘It was a bit tense. There are 2,000 spots available nation wide, and we have been granted a large portion.’

The Erasmus University in Rotterdam, which requested 15 spots, also got the number they were hoping for. Lou de Leij expects that the ministry will still hold a second round of allotments for other universities. ‘The period of time that was granted to submit a request was very short. Many universities are still somewhat reluctant, but the minister has 2,000 spots all the same. It seems virtually impossible that the other universities would not still be given a chance to apply.’

Current students

The RUG has worked with PhD students in the past, but was forced to stop due to problems with the tax services. According to De Leij, all of those matters have been ironed out and the current plans should not encounter any similar obstacles.

The university will seek out potential PhD students from among its current undergraduate students enrolled in a research master. According to the plans, the candidates should be better prepared for a PhD track via better connections between the research master and the PhD research. What’s more, PhD students will also be able to enrol in courses designed to increase their chance of success in the labour market.

Information about the PhD student positions is available via a dedicated website created by the university.