Het Academiegebouw van de RUG

RUG aims to be one of the best in Europe

The RUG wants to be among the 25 best universities in Europe in four years’ time. In order to do this, more effort is being put into internationalisation, encouraging students to be more active, interdisciplinary research and more campuses abroad.

The university has officially set its goals for the coming four years in a new strategic plan, including the aim to be among the top 25 research universities in Europe. ‘If we want to strengthen or improve our position in the academic world, we have to perform better in the four areas: research, education, societal impact and talent development’, according to the plan.

More branch campuses

One of the ways of achieving this is the opening of more branch campuses, like those in Friesland and Yantai. This should ensure more cooperation with national and international knowledge institutions and businesses. Concrete plans for any new locations are not ready yet, according to RUG spokesman Gernant Deekens. However, the establishment of more international campuses is mentioned repeatedly in the future plan.

‘The Board of the University sees the opening of a new branch campus as a way to strengthen the international reputation of the RUG and to fulfil the strategic vision with regards to internationalisation’, Deekens says.

Critical thinkers

Students must become more engaged, independent and responsible citizens who can solve scientific and societal problems with critical thinking. Additionally, they should also become the entrepreneurs of the future. This is meant to be achieved through ‘revolutionary’ small-scale education such as learning communities, international classrooms, e-learning and flipped classrooms.

Following several ‘successful pilots’, the new teaching methods are being implemented in all faculties. ‘Study results have improved considerably and student satisfaction has also increased’, says the University Board.

Meanwhile, the University Council and the Supervisory Board have approved the strategic plan. In the coming months, RUG president Sibrand Poppema will visit all faculties to inform students and staff members about the details of the plan.