RUG breaks up with ‘pick-up artist’

Pick-up artist and guest lecturer Ali Mohammed has given his last lecture at the RUG.

After speaking with Mohammed, the university decided that ‘his services were no longer needed’, according to RUG spokesperson Gernant Deekens.

‘We decided this in concert. He understood the decision’, says Deekens. According to the university, Mohammed’s work – teaching young men how to flirt and sleep with women through a paid online course – is incompatible with his duties as a guest lecturer.


Mohammed taught a course in ‘How to pick up patients’ to pharmacy students. ‘But that was never the official title of the course. It’s a subtitle he used himself. That title is not on the curriculum’, says Deekens.

Several press outlets received a complaint from a female RUG student this month who said that Mohammed harassed her in late December. According to the student who wished to remain anonymous, he used his position as a visiting lecturer to impress her. ‘I mostly just felt uncomfortable and intimidated.’