RUG investigating ‘pick-up artist’

The RUG is investigating whether pick-up artist and guest lecturer AIi Mohammed mistreated women and secretly filmed them.

Various media outlets received a complaint last week from a female RUG student who says that Mohammed harassed her at the end of December. The student, who wished to remain anonymous, says that he used his position as a guest lecturer to impress her. ‘I mostly just felt uncomfortable and intimidated.’

Together with pick-up artist Tim Veninga, Mohammed offers a course via the websites (screenshot) and In the course, young men learn how to seduce a woman and get her into bed. The pick-up artists approach women on the street or in the pub and secretly film the conversation. The videos are then uploaded to YouTube and used in the course.

The RUG wants to ‘investigate what is actually going on’, says spokesperson Gernant Deekens. ‘But it should be made clear that if the allegations are true, the guest lecturer’s behavior won’t be tolerated. We will then have to look at which measures we should take. It is too early to draw such conclusions at this point. We first have to investigate.’

Mohammed is a guest lecturer at the RUG. He teaches the course ‘How to pick up patients’ to students of in pharmacy department. Mohammed himself graduated from the pharmacy school in 2014. That same year, he began working with Veninga.


Daygaming’ or ‘sarging’ – ohunting down women in the daytime – is a popular activity among young men. They follow the example of controversial dating coaches Julien Blanc and Ross Jeffries. The men share their conquests via private forums such as and private Facebook groups.

Using the alias ‘Brownie’ Ali Mohammed stated on the forum in 2012 that he had started a ‘Groningen Inner Circle’.  According to Mohammed, this inner circle is ‘the most notorious group of pick-up artists in the Netherlands’, he wrote on ‘This group of men is what every father is afraid of and I consider it my child. I will defend my child with vehemence and conviction. […] Mama loved cum. We gladly delivered.’