RUG proceeds with automatic exam registration

The RUG will proceed with automatically registering students for exams, despite criticism from the personnel. ‘It’s not the most ideal solution, but an ideal solution doesn’t exist’, says Luut Kroes, director of Education and Students.

One year ago, the ‘exam fine’ for students who registered for exams too late was done away with, and an automatic sign up system was implemented. Students are happy about it, but staff members feel it leaves something to be desired.

The number of students who do not show up to the exams is a problem in particular. Many details have to be accounted for when giving exams, such as the location, desks and exam invigilators. Kroes is aware that the empty desks are frustrating, especially since the RUG has to cope with a shortage of exam halls. What’s more, the system has not proven to be any more efficient for the education offices, who have to conduct a lot of checks. Technically-speaking, it’s also not a flawless system if a course has an exam consisting of multiple components.


But despite the criticism, the university plans to proceed with the system. ‘Every system has its disadvantages. We don’t have a better alternative, nor do other universities. We want to set it up as comfortably as possible for students’, Kroes says.

Students are pleased with the system, as a brief survey of the members of student party Calimero revealed. They think that it works well and, thanks to reminder emails that they receive, it’s also clearer.

Be that as it may, the party does have a suggestion for ensuring that students indicate in a timely manner if they will not be taking the exam. ‘A good way to make students aware of this is to send another email one week in advance to request that they de-register if they are not planning to attend.’

Rector magnificus Elmer Sterken plans to look into whether that is possible.