RUG unconcerned about NAM millions

The Hanze University of Applied Sciences is fed up with NAM. The institution feels they are being made to wait too long for the millions the company has promised, but the RUG is not worked up about it.

Hanze president Henk Pijlman’s patience is wearing thin. The educational institution is supposed to receive 17 million euros from NAM in order to make its new buildings earthquake-proof, but they have yet to see the first cent.

Pijlman told RTV Noord that construction projects are running behind as a result. ‘We have been in discussions for two years. When it comes to new buildings, the Supervisory Board says, ‘that’s all fine and good, Pijlman, but until that payment of 17 million euros comes through, you can’t do anything. You could dip into our reserves, but that would compromise our liquidity.’

He wants NAM to get the lead out. ‘Otherwise, we will be faced with a business loss, and our students and staff will grow dissatisfied.’


The RUG is scheduled to receive 20 million euros from NAM. Approximately 18 million of that is allocated toward earthquake proofing the to-be-built Zernikeborg, and two million will go toward the Energy Academy. The construction costs of the two projects have gotten 10 per cent more expensive as a result of the extra requirements.

The university is not worried about the money being paid in a timely manner. ‘The RUG has made a deal with NAM about compensation for additional construction costs’, RUG spokesperson Gernant Deekens says. ‘We have faith that the expenses will be covered on time by NAM.’