Search for the new in-house poet

The online magazine of the RUG - UK - is looking for a new in-house poet. Will you follow in the footsteps of Jephta?

Jephta de Visser wanted to shout it from the rooftops when she heard that she was the next in-house poet of the university. Lillian Zielstra, her predecessor, went wild: finally, she was a real writer.

And the next in-house poet? For fifteen years now, one student has been chosen to be the in-house poet of the RUG. During the course of the academic year, he or she writes poems that are published on the website of

However, the in-house poet also performs at the opening of the academic year on 31 August and many other university and literary events. All of the previous poets have described these opportunities as ‘ fantastic’.

New in-house poet

Jephta de Visser made a name for herself with the so-called station serenades, uprising travellers while taking a seat in a special ‘love chair’. She also performed on Remembrance Day, during a ‘poetry flash mob’  in the supermarket at the Vismarkt, and a few times at the Night of Arts and Science.

However, her year is almost over and she has to make room for her successor. That could be you!

To apply, you have to be a student of the RUG during the academic year 2015-2016. Also, you have to be able to write beautiful poems and enjoy performing.


Send five of your best poems to, include a cv and explain why you want to be the in-house poet. An well-qualified jury of expert will do the rest.

Your poems have to be in at 15 June.

More information can be found at If you have any other questions, contact Christien Boomsma (050 – 363 6695 / 06 2832 2587)