Student party makes informational video about Yantai campus

Student political party SOG has made an informational video about the RUG's plans to start a branch campus in Yantai. 

The potential development of the RUG campus in China is an oft discussed topic, but many students are either not well informed about the plans or do not fully understand them, says SOG faction chairperson Alexander van ’t Hof.

‘We are not taking a stance in the video, but we want to inform the students’, according to Van ’t Hof. Due to the many articles and statements that have been written about the Yantai campus, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction, party members believe. ‘And we want to provide more clarity about it.’

SOG Explains – YantaiBranch campus Yantai, one of the most discussed subjects at the RUG. Over the past weeks ‘Yantai’ has come up in the news and a lot has been said. The truth has as a result been difficult to separate from the gossip, so we want to make it more clear for students what exactly is planned. SOG have come up with this infographic with all the basic information you need. Want to get yourself up to date with this interesting topic? Hopefully this’ll help!Still not clear?Mail us at fractie@studentenorganisatie.nlor go to

Posted by Studenten Organisatie Groningen on Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Value of a diploma

‘Yantai is perhaps more of a long term project which will have little impact on current students, but it is about the future of the university. And that could have an influence on the value of a diploma’, Van ’t Hof says.

The party took inspiration from the animations ‘In a Nutshell – Kurzgesagt’ in the video, titled ‘What is the RUG doing in China?’.