Syllabi, information and souvenirs in Studystore space

The former Studystore building will soon be the place to get your syllabi and RUG souvenirs.

The building, which is next door to the University Library (UB), has been completely sealed off with RUG posters covering the windows for the past few weeks. The building is being renovated into a ‘service point’ for the university. According to university administrator Jan de Jeu, the property will house the syllabus store from the Faculty of Arts, the University store and the information points for career advice centre Next and the RUG.

‘That is the plan we are currently working on. No definitive decision has been made yet’, says spokesperson Gernant Deekens. Students can turn to service point Next with questions about their (academic) career and a free check of their resume and LinkedIn page. The University store sells products such as bottles, sweaters, and gadgets with the RUG logo printed on them, particularly to alumni.

The building, which has large shop windows facing the street, has been the property of the RUG for a very long time. It has been used by several booksellers in recent years.

According to the posters on the windows, the building will be open this spring.