University closes early

The RUG is closing its doors early today. There will no more classes or exams.

Due to the changing weather conditions, the university has decided there will be no more classes or exams from 1 o’clock onward. The buildings will remain open and promotion ceremonies will continue, but the RUG advises students to check public transportation websites and to go home.


Qbuzz, among others, has indicated that due to the increase in sleet, they might not be able to guarantee any transportation in the afternoon. The bus company advises people to not start a new journey and to go home.

The university buildings, including the UB, will remain open until 6 o’clock. Following a tweet asking if the university would be closing, a response from RUG account confirmed the decision: ‘Yes, it’s true. No more classes/exams after 1 p.m., but PhD ceremonies will continue. Buildings remain open for now, but our advice: go home.’