VVD: ‘Scrap programmes without career perspectives’

Programmes with poor job placement should be scrapped, according the VVD MP Pieter Duisenberg.

‘When the UWV’s filing system is full of one particular programme, you have to start thinking about how relevant that programme still is’, says VVD MP Pieter Duisenberg to BNR. Not only future, but also the current, programmes should be checked for usefulness.

‘There are a lot of programmes that lead to unemployment that are, nevertheless, very popular’, concludes Duisenberg. And that needs to change, the VVD thinks. Students need to be better informed in particular. ‘Research has shown that the data sometimes presents things as rosier than they are. It’s important for research and applied sciences universities to be concerned not only with recruiting students, but also with offering them opportunities upon graduation’, says the MP.


Programmes that lead to unemployment do not have to be scrapped right away, thinks Duisenberg. ‘First, you have to tell the programmes to improve. Tell them to work on it.’

The National Student Union (LSVb) disagrees with the VVD. ‘Every student should be free to choose the programme he or she wants. However, there should be honest information about career perspectives’, responds union president Stefan Wirken.

Today, the Lower House will discuss the career perspectives of programmes and selection in higher education, after which Duisenberg will submit his plan.