Wheelchair accessibility check

The RUG will see if modifications can make the 110 university buildings more accessible to the physically impaired.

Last week, the Lower House agreed upon a general obligation to make modifications, ensuring that physically impaired people have access everywhere. The new law prescribing the requirements that institutes and companies have to meet goes into effect on 1 January 2017.

Currently, University Services Management does not know what kind of modifications will be needed. The RUG says that currently, many buildings are accessible to the physically impaired, particularly public spaces, such as cafeterias and bathrooms.


‘A physically impaired person’s problem accessing certain parts of the building can also be solved by moving a department elsewhere. There has to be a solution no matter what’, says Services Management. ‘You also have to take the different types of impairment into account.’

In spite of restrictions, there are also plenty of opportunities for several monumental buildings to make modifications. For example, when it is prohibited to build an elevator in a monumental building, they can always install a stairlift.

Upper House

When the Upper House approves the law, it will officially pass. ‘Once the law says so, we will definitely make the necessary modifications’, says Services Management.