The best way to… ace an interview

You need a job, yo - and that's not easy. So, once you've got an interview, you have to ace it! 5 tip on how to do that.

Get to know them: Hopefully this is obvious, but you should do research into the organization you’re applying for. Figure out what exactly appeals to you about working for them and be sure to incorporate that into your motivation letter.

If you don’t have time for in-depth analysis, at least read the company’s mission statement and review their homepage. The people who interview you will ask your opinions about those sorts of things, so think about your response in advance and be ready to challenge them with your own questions.

Jump start: Every job interview starts with the employer asking some variation of ‘tell me a bit about yourself.’ Remember that you are not the only candidate. You need to stand out from the crowd, because the rest of the crowd is just like you: well-educated, skilled, ambitious and so on.

Interweave your academic achievements with personal stories and attributes. If you love travel, then explain where you’ve been and what your favorite experience was. The employer will likely sigh in disgust if he or she has to hear one more time about ‘what a great opportunity’ their job offer is. Be original!

Hide incriminating evidence: Chances are, your Facebook and Tumblr accounts are filled with blissful party pictures which you’d prefer your parents (and your employer) not see, and employers are most definitely going to check your social media. If your profiles contain anything that could imply you’re unrealiable, the interview will be over before it starts!

Social Sweeper was created for those of us who want to truly clean up our social media image. It detects beer bottles among other more ‘outlandish’ things in photos that you might have been proud of when you were 18, but which you have long forgotten by now. But if you remain proud of those beer bottles shots, maybe you should consider applying to work at a brewery instead.

‘What are your weaknesses?’ This is the most loathed question in job interviews, but it’s designed to see if you can overcome your weaknesses rather than admitting you have them.

Your employers don’t expect you to be perfect! Avoid generic answers like ‘I’m a perfectionist.’ In your response, include how you intend to overcome a weakness, what your progress is in doing so and how you think overcoming this weakness will make you a stronger person.

Get with the times: More and more often, employers ask to interview candidates via Skype. It’s quick, cheap and convenient for both parties. But a Skype interview comes with its own set of do’s and don’ts. It does not mean you can slouch on the couch after a rough night of drinking the night before. Be sure to wear a nice shirt rather than your pajamas – or at least a nice shirt, as long as you’ll remain seated.

Like all our favorite YouTube stars, you’ve got to learn to look into the camera as if it’s the person you’re addressing. Looking into the employer’s eyes on a computer screen can come across like you are  just really, really bored! Give some thought to where you will do the interview, too. Find a neat backdrop that highlights you, not your room. Lastly, have a good internet connection. Disconnect once and that could be the kiss of death.