Mononoid  consists of Andy Godderis and Igor Shumlyanskiy , two committed members of the Traum family. Mononoid is all about connecting art and music which results in their own unique sound, which can be described as a mixture of cinematographic and melodic techno.

Andy and Igor’s first collaboration producing dance music together in 2006 was a Techhouse production called Stereo Sandwich. After releasing several EP’s, they soon noticed their sound was evolving. They started experimenting with deeper, more profound productions and realized this new sound had grown too far apart from what they were doing before; this was a whole new project altogether. They took the word ‘Mono’ (as in solo) and the word ‘nooit’ (Dutch for never), which basically can be translated into the meaning ‘never alone’, and Mononoid was born.

In 2011 their music was picked up by Traum Schallplatten, offering them a place in the Traum Family, where they made themselves known with their first remix for Microtrauma’s “Emilia”, which got great feedback. Following a great remix of “Echoes Reality” by Max Cooper which can be described as nothing less than a trip, with a deep grove, and great chorus.

In May of 2012 the long awaited first EP ´Protoplasm` by Mononoid was released on Traum Schallplatten.  Which has been received with the same enthusiasm and high praises as their second EP ´Concept of Cures` from September 2012, which stormed the Beatport Techno Release Charts and positioned itself solid in the Top 10 for several weeks. Their latest and third EP ‘Parallel to The Radius’ released on Traum in January 2013 features remixes from Zonderling and Logiztik Sounds.

They released a remix for up & coming Traum talent Rob Clouth in the end of 2012, which was soon followed by remixes for Ryan Davis, Electric Rescue, and Justin Brekovi released on TraumSchallplatten and Trapez, in February 2013.


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