Write a bestseller and win € 500

For the third time the University Paper organizes the very succesfull writing contest. Write your bestseller and win € 500. Watch the deadline.

Our rules

* The writing contest is meant for students and employees

* Theme: For Infinity (in honour of the 4oo year birthday of the University of Groningen)

* Max. words: 1800

* Ten best stories will be published

* Winning story to feature in UK / RUGnews

* Deadline 30 January 2014


* You can only enter one story, either in English or in Dutch

* You have to use your real name

* Send your story to uk@rug.nl


Our tips

* Decide what you are going to write about! Finding a good topic is half the battle.

*  Writing in the first person (‘I’ form) only works if you have a really strong protagonist.

* Avoid elaborate narrative, endless adjectives and roundabout descriptions.

* Hook the reader. Make sure you draw your audience in right from the start!

* Stay well away from time machines, life after death and dreams. If you can’t resist, remember that you are just one in a very long line.



Christien Boomsma, Doeko Bosscher, Tom Groenendijk and Anton Scheepstra