CIT staff wants certainty about the future

Staff at CIT, the RUG’s ICT department, are worried about their future following the removal of two supervisors.

Two supervisors from the Service Desk and Research Innovation and Support departments have been told by the board that they are no longer suitable to do their own jobs. The CIT is undergoing changes and the supervisors are a poor fit.

According to the directors, the new organisation will demand different management qualities that the current supervisors do not possess. As such, they will be given new yet to be determined jobs.

The sudden change has caused a lot of unrest among the employees, the employee council writes in a letter to the directors that the UK obtained. The CIT is preparing for a new future, but now that two department heads have suddenly been given new jobs, the employees are wondering what will happen to them.


They want a better explanation of the board’s future plans, the employee council writes. They say the lack of communication about these plans and the department heads’ job change has led ‘not only to unrest among the employees, but also a loss of faith in the directors.’

The directors regret the unrest, CIT general director Tjeerd Willem Hobma says. He will be talking to the departments in the coming weeks about the vision for the future, as well as the unrest, he says. ‘Because it is a matter regarded specific individuals, I cannot give a detailed response’, says Hobma.


In a letter to the staff council, also obtained by the UK, the directors make clear that they thought it was a good idea to start talking to the department heads early about their future role within the organisation. ‘We’re aware that these are difficult conversations that evoke an emotional response from the employees.’

Staff council chairperson Hopko Meijering is unwilling to say whether the council is satisfied with the statement. ‘The university Board has been made aware of the issue. We enjoy a good relationship with them and we trust there will be more clarity soon. I can’t say anything more substantive about it right now’, he says.