News of the Week 4: 15 – 21 January

What's happened in week 4? Starbucks at the UB, limited library access, MyUniversity delayed and more.

Starbucks at the UB

thumb-starbucksStarbucks is coming to the UB, but the library, the University and Starbucks themselves are remaining tight-lipped about it. Last week, posters with the iconic green logo announced their arrival – the UB Starbucks is scheduled to open on 14 February. The announcement has gotten mixed reactions from the RUG community.

On Monday, Starbucks issued a statement, sort of: ‘We can confirm that Starbucks is always looking for opportunities to further grow in the Netherlands by opening our own locations, locations of licensed partners and locations at transportation hubs. At the moment, we do not have any new developments to report.’

UB starts limiting access

thumb-bewakingubSince Monday, guards have been checking to ensure that RUG students are the only ones entering the UB. If you want to study there during the exam weeks, you’ll have to get past the guards.

For now, students have to show a RUG pass to get in – if you’ve lost yours, you can only enter if you have an application form for a new pass. RUG students are happy with the temporary change. ‘In the end, it is our building’, says Eelco Blaauw, a 28-year-old English student. In two weeks, the library will once again be open for everyone.

New MyUniversity delayed

thumb-myuniversityThe new version of MyUniversity has been delayed by a couple of months. The plan was to launch the revamped platform in March, but that would have taken place during the exam period, according to RUG ICT staffer Ype Poortinga.

As a result, the platform will be rolled out in May instead. In the summer, current RUG students can check out the new and hopefully improved student portal. The revamping of the MyUniversity platform was initiated because the previous version required users to log in twice and was infrequently used.


New exam halls?

The RUG is considering adding new property for hosting exams. Since every faculty now has exams at the same time, halls are constantly full. The university council suggested distributing the times when exams were given, but that idea was dismissed after criticism from the faculties.

RUG spokesperson Gernant Deekens says the University has not yet decided if it will use existing buildings or build new ones – either way, the space will not be available for another three years. Until then, exams may have to be given on Friday evenings or Saturdays, according to the council.

RUG students welcome at Hanze

thumb-hanzeThe Hanzehogeschool has created 400 study spaces in the city centre for use during the exam weeks – RUG students are also welcome to use them.

The basement of Van der Velde bookstore on the Guldenstraat and the Public Library on the Oude Boteringestraat are offering 300 new spots (150 a piece) and an additional 100 spaces are available at the Prins Claus Conservatorium on the Radesingel.

The project is a pilot – depending on how many students use the facilities and possible noise disturbance to the surrounding areas, the Hanze will decide whether or not to continue offering the workspaces.