Explaining Dutch tallness

One RUG graduate worked together with LifeLines to find out how the Dutch became the tallest people in the world.


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Distracting cats

How do you avoid watching cat videos when you should be writing your master’s thesis? Ioanna Katidioti has tips.

woensdag 22 juni

Suffering for a good cause

A cream made with red chili peppers causes a burning sensation, and Marten Harbers used it to simulate neuralgia.

donderdag 26 mei

Sad for seal pups

RUG professor Groothuis fears for his seal pup research in the Dollard area now that a new seal rescue has opened.

vrijdag 29 april

'Keep elderly on the roads'

Elderly people on the roads does not make traffic safer, but taking away their driver’s license will not solve it, says Dick de Waard.

maandag 25 april

Famelab finale

The winners of the Famelab qualifying rounds in Groningen competed on Friday in Utrecht for a spot in the finale .

Bachelor's thesis in Science

Chemistry bachelor’s student Marieke Veenstra has a publication in the top-class journal Science – after only three months in the lab.

woensdag 9 maart

Milky Way particle shower

Super fast particles that bombard the earth mainly originate from our own galaxy, but what makes them so fast?

vrijdag 12 februari

Famelab: 3 minutes is short

Do you know why you should clean up your room or how the Internet actually works? Famelab explains in three minutes.

Gravitational waves detected

The entire Van Swinderen Institute gathered together for the moment: gravitational waves have been detected.

dinsdag 2 februari

Happy yet antisocial

Serotonin is known as the ‘happy hormone’, but it can also make you less friendly.