Taku Mutezo is in!

Taku Mutezo is in! SOG’s tradition of international student representation in the University Council continues, despite losing seats in the election.

The votes for the University Council election are in, and so is SOG’s international candidate, Taku Mutezo. The 21-year-old International and European law student from Zimbabwe was ranked third on the list of the student party’s candidates. The party, while losing two seats in the council from last year, will have five seats for the coming academic year, including Mutezo.

Biggest priorities

In an interview with the UK last week, she explained her motivation: ‘I just want to try to make it a better environment for all students.’

Her biggest priorities are internationalization, transparency and improving the cafeteria. While Calimero came out on top with six seats, their international candidate, William Pitz, was ranked 7th on their candidates list and fell just outside of the winner’s circle.