Arts library jam-packed during exams

Quite a few students have submitted complaints about how busy the former arts library is, according to student party Letteren Vooruit. ‘A decent study space is nowhere to be found.’

‘It is hopeless. While you’re studying, someone walks by almost every minute desperately looking for a spot. That is very distracting when trying to study’, one student complained to Letteren Vooruit. Enough is enough, according to the party: a solution needs to be found, and soon.

Letteren Vooruit has thus established contact point in order to identify the days and times that the study space reaches capacity. The former library in the Harmonie building has been suggested as an alternative for the overcrowded UB in exam weeks. However, according to Letteren Vooruit, the 550 study spaces are constantly occupied.

Contact point

‘With the data from the hotline, we want to work on a structural solution’, says the party. Later on this year, Letteren Vooruit will produce proposals to address the problem.

A decision was recently made to open the rooms in the former library of the arts faculty in the weekend. Students can go there to study from eight in the morning until midnight.

The Letteren Vooruit faction