Studielink frightens students

An incorrect message from Studielink gave students quite a fright yesterday. But tuition fees will NOT be withdrawn immediately.

The University Student Desk posted a message on their Facebook page warning students not to heed the message saying that funds would be withdrawn immediately when they re-enrol on Studielink. Studielink is the website where all students can enrol or re-enrol online for study programmes at higher educational institutions.

Marjorie Verschuren, interim head of Student Information and Administration, confirms that RUG students who chose to pay for their studies via digital authorization got the message. The issue has impacted about 500 students.

However, no payments are ever withdrawn before September, Verschuren says reassuringly.

Problems fixed

‘We suspect that there was some sort of communication problem between ProgRESS and Studielink’, Verschuren says. ‘Somehow, one party thought that the other was also prepared for the digital authorization, but apparently not.’

The problem seems to have been fixed for now, but students will receive a letter tomorrow making it clear that they have nothing to worry about and that no money will be withdrawn until September.

The USD apologized on their Facebook page for the inconvenience, and Verschuren regrets if any students were thrown into a panic because of the message. ‘We’re terribly sorry that this has happened, but there won’t be any consequences for the students from this miscommunication.’