RUG wins stupidity ranking

We were at the top for a long time, but now, we have finally made it. The RUG has won the first prize in the stupidity ranking of university slogans.

According to the Platform Hervorming Nederlandse Universiteiten, the Groningen slogan ‘Born leaders reach for infinity’ received 6,757 votes. This is quite a bit more than the UvA, which reached second place with 4,926 votes for ‘We are U’.

The platform, which was initiated by scientists from different universities, aims to use the ranking to expose the ‘expensive but often absurd slogans’. The RUG is taking being awarded the prize in stride. ‘We love rankings. Any listing is a good listing. We don’t care what you name us, as long as you do’, RUG spokesperson Gernant Deekens jokes. ‘We think it’s fine, we had a good laugh about it. Tastes differ.’


Earlier, the slogan was used to fill the vacancy of Head of International Strategy and Relations. ‘We used the slogan two or three times, it matched the For Infinity campaign that was part of the 400 year anniversary’, says Deekens.

Previously, Amsterdam professor Ewald Engelen criticised the slogan in the Groene Amsterdammer. Concerning the job vacancy, he wrote: ‘You know, one of those talking suits with pointy shoes who, with a straight back and a mocking smile, spews contemptible managerial jargon which rather than meant to inform is meant to impress and serves the same function as a car, watch, or house: to suggest status.’