• 450 members, 1,800 limbs
    and a new mega farm
    there are chips inside crane games to determine
         how often you get to win
    there are chicks inside students who determine
         how long you get to speak
    all of us are alone together and
    we become lonely together
    no greenhouse that continues its captivating glow
    but a hothouse that helps the safe to grow
    and as we drink, of our fathers we think
    and as we think, we pray for those who drink 

    and as we recruit, we hope to change
but in a group, we still feel strange
    in a farm where light doesn’t shine fundamentally
    and shyness comes surprisingly
    we hope water springs eternally
    and this hellish heat is heavenly
    Philip Rozema
    This is the first poem by Philip,
    RUG in-house poet 2015-2016.
    Listen to his recital of the poem on our Soundcloud page.
    Photo by Reyer Boxem